Management Consulting

We will help you improve the competitiveness of your company

Our management consulting services are targeted at companies wishing to improve the efficiency of operations within particular departments, seeking for new areas of development, and intending to switch to management based on verifiable criteria and reliable measures. Augeo Ventures, acting as strategic advisor, offers its comprehensive services in these areas: starting with the preparation of a strategic audit, moving on to the identification and optimization of business processes, and ending with the development of a clear general strategy for the entire company.

What is management consulting about?

Management consulting may cover all the crucial areas of a company’s operations. Augeo Ventures’ services focus on issues that most affect business performance in the long run.

Our projects most often result in the:

  • significant improvement of financial results and financial liquidity, achieved through costs reduction and sales growth
  • improvement of a company’s operations through, for example, the elimination of process inefficiencies
  • development and consolidation of competitive advantages through competition analyses and best practice explorations
  • building of clear strategy for company’s future expansion

Hiring a professional management consulting firm is a profitable investment resulting in significant improvement of a company’s efficiency. The testimonials of our satisfied clients clearly show that.

Business strategy

Have you ever wondered how your
company could benefit from having a coherent
and thought-through strategy? How would it operate
with a direction of its development clearly defined?
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Business process optimization

We will review key business processes
in your company and indicate ways
to improve their efficiency. This will translate
into an increase of profits.
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Company restructuring does not need
to be associated with an issue
like financial liquidity problems.
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Strategic audit

In countless businesses,
internal processes are organized
using the owners’ experience,
their beliefs, and past developments
as a framework, but not necessarily
in the most efficient way.
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