We will rectify financial weaknesses of your company

We can help your company solve the following problems:
  • sudden loss of liquidity
  • threat of bankruptcy
  • problems with repayment of financial liabilities
  • high cost of debt servicing
  • excessive leverage
  • deficient operational performance
Through the implementation of one or more of the following scenarios of financial restructuring:
  1. Renegotiation of repayment terms with creditors.
  2. Debt refinancing.
  3. Finding investors – learn more about the possibilities of attracting investors to your business.
  4. Sale of assets.
  5. Systemic bankruptcy.
Augeo Ventures’ financial restructuring services :
  1. Development of optimal financing strategy.
  2. Optimization of asset structure (sale of assets, sale of subsidiaries and organized parts of an enterprise, real estate, etc.).
  3. Preparation of financial forecasts, business plans and other business analyses.
  4. Negotiations with financial institutions and other creditors.
  5. Negotiations of the terms of particular loan agreements.
Reasons to work with Augeo Ventures on financial restructuring:
  1. Strong working relationships with a wide range of Polish banks.
  2. Team’s experience gained in numerous restructuring and M&A projects.
  3. High level of professionalism and competencies of the team.
  4. Highest ethical standards.
  5. In-depth understanding of the restructuring process.

Learn more how you can improve the financial performance of your company thanks to our management consulting services.