Values that we proudly follow

At Augeo Ventures, we believe that success results from long-term, strong relationships with our Clients, mutual trust and continuous efforts to develop effective solutions to problems that our Clients face.

The value that we create is the result of a joint effort to achieve the best available results, delivering solutions that are designed to provide long-term, stable development of our Clients’ businesses.

Augeo, in Latin, means “to enhance, enrich”. Services we provide are designed to strengthen our Clients’ businesses, help them overcome obstacles, and prepare them for inevitable changes. We believe that our support creates a unique value added for our Clients.

Our Clients’ success is our success. Developing strategic solutions in a wide variety of projects, we get to know and fully identify with the needs of our Clients. We highly value the dedication of our Clients to their businesses and we believe that our contribution will make their efforts even more successful.

Mutual trust and building long-term relationships with our Clients is fundamental to us. Business support is a multidimensional process in which positive relationships between parties play a key role. At Augeo Ventures, while working with Clients, we build a long-standing, mutually beneficial business partnership. Our business does not end with one project.

We do not settle for standard or typical solutions. Our experience is built from our team members’ roles in investment banking, private equity, and strategic advisory. We are aware of business trends in this fast- developing world, and offer our Clients solutions from these areas and other segments of the financial market.