Eliminate inefficiencies and increase your profits

Lean management theory argues that if any action within a process does not add value to the product or service, this action is a loss. Consequently, the elimination or minimization of losses is a highly effective way to increase productivity. Therefore, it is worth looking into the business processes in your company and identifying opportunities to improve their efficiency. This will quickly translate into profit increase.

Business process optimization is based on the identification and elimination of eight main sources of potential waste: overproduction, excessive stocks, transportation, motion, overprocessing, waiting, defects, and untapped human potential.

Augeo Ventures will assist you in process optimization. It consists of several stages:


  • Project preparation
  • Initial company visit – known as the GEMBA walk
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and identification of main loss


  • Identification of proposals to streamline processes
  • Mapping of expected (desirable) situation
  • Prioritization of actions to be taken and assessment of potential for change


  • Drafting the implementation plan
  • Developing the final report and presentation of key conclusions
  • Support in the implementation of our recommendations (optional)

Many companies have never followed industry best practice in their operations. Thus, many processes were developed internally over time, without a focus on efficiency, optimization, and streamlining. Based on our experience, most operations suffer from inefficiencies and could be improved. This explains how top companies in an industry differentiate themselves from their competition.

Identify business processes that should be corrected. Accelerate your business growth and improve financial results of your company.

Ask us about business process optimization in your company!