Our services

Professional and comprehensive advisory services

Mergers and acquisitions

Do you intend to successfully close acquisition or merger? Do you care about best possible transaction terms: optimal valuation of your business, selection of most promising counterparties, confidentiality and security, efficient management of transaction process?

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Sell-side advisory

Professional advice on the sale of a business will maximize the price obtained.
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Buy-side advisory

We will find a best target for you and effectively manage the acquisition process.
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We provide valuable support in mergers of medium-sized and large companies.
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Fund raising

Did you develop a coherent plan to expand your business and look for funding? We will help you arrange bank loans or attract an industry or financial investor to contribute equity to your company.

Financial advice

We will examine
your company’s financial goals
and help reach them.
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Finding an investor

We will help you to find an investor
to grow the business with you
or help sell a 100% stake.
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Private equity
and venture capital

Raising equity from a private equity
or venture capital fund will strengthen
your company and accelerate
its business growth.
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Financial restructuring

We will assist your company
in solving liquidity problems,
deal with the risk of insolvency
or cope with debt servicing difficulties.
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Polish market entry

We will design the most effective ways for your business to successfully enter the Polish market or increase your market share through organic growth or acquisitions, if your business is already present here.

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Market entry

If carefully planned and executed,
entering a new geographic market
can be smooth and successful.
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Market analysis

A meticulous market study
addressing issues crucial to the Client
will accelerate business expansion.
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Management Consulting

We offer complex management consulting services to our Clients, from strategic audits and a company’s thorough diagnosis, to restructuring and business process optimization, to development of a coherent general strategy for the company.

Business strategy

Have you ever wondered
how your company could benefit from
having a coherent and thought-through strategy?
How would it operate with a direction
of its development clearly defined?
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Business process optimization

We will review key business processes
in your company and indicate ways
to improve their efficiency. This will translate
into an increase of profits.
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Company restructuring does not need
to be associated with an issue
like financial liquidity problems.
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Strategic audit

In countless businesses,
internal processes are organized
using the owners’ experience,
their beliefs, and past developments
as a framework, but not necessarily
in the most efficient way.
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