Finding an investor

We will help you make your company attractive to investors

Augeo Ventures supports companies at any stage of development, in attracting investors to either further expand the business, or to let the owners sell the entire company.

Augeo Ventures assists companies that are rapidly developing, growing through acquisitions, and owners planning to sell their company.

If you:

  • have a compelling vision for growing your business
  • need an external investor in order to implement your development strategy
  • are having temporary financial difficulties, liquidity problems, issues with receivables collection
  • want to exit your business

then, you will benefit from having an external investor in your company.

Augeo Ventures will assist you by finding a suitable investor and obtaining financing at the best possible terms.

As a member of Globalscope Partners we have access to international business contacts, which streamlines the flow of information between national markets and enables a comprehensive service.

We will help you find:


Fundamental areas of investors’ interest:

Taking into consideration potential capital involvement in a specific business, investors pay close attention to a company’s:

  • industry and market performance
  • competitiveness and innovation of its products and services
  • financial results
  • range of products and services offered
  • potential for growth
  • potential to generate cash flows in the future
  • development plan for human capital and its potential
  • organizational structure
  • capital structure
  • involvement of owners/founders in managing the business
  • future exit prospects (typically in 3-5 years)(important for private equity funds)


The range of Augeo Ventures’ services:

  1. Development of an optimal financing strategy and structure.
  2. Preparation of financial forecasts, business plans and the necessary analyzes.
  3. Identification of suitable investors.
  4. Negotiations of transaction terms.
  5. Development of relevant transaction documents (letters of intent, investment agreements, articles of association / statutes).

Benefits of working with Augeo Ventures to find an investor

1. Improved transaction terms

We will prepare your company for negotiations with an investor and present your company's true potential. We will help you reach a wider audience of potential investors and conduct a competitive bidding process for potential investors.

2. Time saving

You save your and your staff’s time by having professionals perform the process.

3. Shorter duration of attracting an investor

Thanks to decades of direct relationships with both strategic (corporate and private) and financial (private equity and venture capital ) investors, we help your project move forward smoothly and quickly.

4. Security

We help to eliminate the risk of dealing with dishonest partners and ensure that potential investors honor their commitments - we verify each potential counterparty with whom we negotiate on your behalf.

5. Strategic support

We propose actions that you may swiftly take to increase the value of your business to investors. Learn more about Augeo Ventures management consulting services.