Fund raising

Funding tailored to your needs

At some stage of development many companies need additional funds to finance further growth, improve financial liquidity, or equity to liabilities ratio. Our team will assess your company’s capital requirements and help to obtain necessary funding. This could be in the form of equity from an external, industry, or financial investor, or through bank loans, private debt (from private lenders), and bond issue.

Financial advice

We will examine
your company’s financial goals
and help achieve them.
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Finding an investor

We will help you find an investor to grow the business with you or help sell
a 100% stake.
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Private equity
and venture capital

Raising equity from a private equity
or venture capital fund
will strengthen your company
and accelerate its business growth.
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Financial restructuring

We will assist your company
in solving liquidity problems,
dealing with the risk of insolvency,
and coping with debt servicing difficulties.
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